About Us
Your success is our success.

Our Company

Excellence is our philosophy of business. We have found that companies operating on such a basis seek each other out, and usually form mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.

We represent and enjoy a close working relationship with some of the most important insurance companies in the world. Virtually all our clients have the same financial goals, achieving maximum profit through a combination of increased sales, and overhead discipline. We take a great deal of pride and pleasure in helping you achieve these goals. After all, your success is our success.

Risk identification, aggressive marketing, and state of the art services are what our clients come to expect from us. It takes a competitive spirit to build a successful organization. We have a passion for winning, and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals. We look to pursue opportunities which provide you with a competitive edge.

Our technology investments and experienced insurance professionals provide:

  • Timely responses about your policy questions
  • Prompt assistance with claims
  • Expedient processing of requests for certificates of insurance

We are proud to have served on:

  • Board of Directors Independent Agents Association
  • Presidents Council ISU
  • Agents Advisory Council Hartford
  • Agents Advisory Council Fireman's Fund